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Now Launched: The Digital Repository of Ireland, Ireland's online, open digital repository for content from the humanities, social sciences and cultural domains is now live more
Irish Lifetimes on the DRI: Watch the video here
(image courtesy of the National Library of Ireland)


Irish Lifetimes on the DRI: The IQDA demonstrator collection for the Digital Repository of Ireland more
New textbook: Family Rhythms: The Changing Textures of Family Life in Ireland draws on qualitative data from Growing Up in Ireland and Life Histories and Social Change to explore family change in Ireland more

New data from Growing Up in Ireland: Qualitative data from Wave 1 at 9 months is now available. Visit our project page for Growing Up in Ireland here.

New collection at the IQDA: The Career Trajectories, Self Identities and Re-settlement Strategies of Returning Irish Migrants  Qualitative interviews with a cross-section of emigrants who left Ireland in the 1980s and returned in the mid-90s.

The IQDA offers training in software for qualitative analysis including MAXQDA more
 IQDA Teaching Resources on SoundcloudListen now

The IQDA have developed a collection of audio and transcript interview excerpts that can be used to provide compelling empirical examples for classroom discussion and analysis. Visit our Soundcloud page at

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The IQDA is a participant in the Digital Repository of Ireland and is currently part of the DASISH Infrastructure project. 

Should you require quantitative social science data, please see the Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA). The  ISSDA holds an ever-increasing quantity of machine-readable data from surveys and official statistics (such as the Census) and makes them readily available to academic and non-profit researchers.